Many years ago, as we grew as a company, we came to a realisation that our love lay not in booking hotels or tours, but in showcasing engaging and unique experiences across the countries we cover. We realised that our lands have many hidden corners, many one- of-a-kind moments, many mysteries and many tales.
We came to realise that we do not wish to be the biggest company in India. We never aimed to be the richest nor the most powerful. We just wish to be the best at what we do.

Our Vision is “To truly be the best at creating memorable and authentic travel experiences in the regions we cover”. Our systems and policies give our professionals the freedom to deliver excellence. Our Core Values are of Trust; Integrity; Curiosity; Accountability; Customer Focussed; Intentionally Unconventional and Togetherness.

We are proud of our historical, cultural and social heritage and we work to showcase these in the most engaging and honest way we can. We aim to continuously exceed our guests expectations and ensure they return home as ambassadors of our region.

We must conduct our business fairly, with honesty, integrity and transparency in everything we do. Like many before me, I fell in love with the colours and chaos of India. Steeped in mystery and mythology, swept by time and conquest and bedecked with pageantry and ritual, there is nowhere like India. But what I found most of all is that India is an experience, more than a destination. And though it can be overwhelming at times, there is no point in trying to solve, understand or fix India. It’s a country of more than one billion people, and it has a momentum entirely its own. The moment you think you understand India is precisely the moment you’ve missed the point.

I surrendered to India’s magic and found truth in these words by author Rumer Godden, “Once you have felt the Indian dust you will never be free of it.” Neither words nor pictures can evoke the complexity of the culture, the diversity of the terrain, or the intensity of the traditions. To feel her magic, be touched by her spirituality, or join in her celebrations, I can tell you from experience — you simply have to be in India.