Tours will take you on adventures that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations and to guide you through the cacophony of amazing cultures, sights, sounds, colours, tastes and smells that is India. You will experience the best that the country have to offer, visit incredible locations and at the
best time of day (and night!).

We want to give people a unique flavour and layer this with different senses, sights, sounds, smells and cultures. The world has become a smaller place – it’s easy to travel, but to really scratch the surface of understanding a culture, one must get off the beaten track and try to at least touch the lives of ordinary people.

We believe in low or even no impact touring, meaning we always favour local businesses, respect
local customs, behave in a manner that does not upset or feel intrusive for local folk and of course, take nothing other than great memories and leave only footprints behind. We are supporting a school and a village.

We want you to go home with feelings that you had the best trip possible with unforgettable experiences.

The adventures are created and led by Atik Ahmed. He has been conducting small group tours in India for several years specializing in Rajasthan, Kerala, Gujarat, Northeast, Goa, Pondicherry, Southindia and many more Places. He is an Indian and  living in North of India.

Fixed Departure


06 Nov – 19 Nov 2022


02 March – 12 March 2023

Rajasthan & Tiger Safari Photo Tour with Nathan

19 March – 01 April 2023

Tailor Made Tour

All our accommodations and services are personally tested by our team .Tell us your dream and we will create an itinerary packed with best experiences your destination has to offer.

Contact our team of highly qualified travel experts for tour request, customized trip, price quotation, itinerary suggestion and booking.